Siebert Technischer Gro▀handel GmbH
Frontansicht The company Carl Siebert was founded in 1927 by Carl Siebert. This, even in these early days, quick growing business then was continued by Horst and Emmy Siebert in 1953. They moved onward on this successful way. Then in 1983 the moving to a greater facility in the Bunsenstrasse became neccessary.
In the early 1992 Emmy and Horst Siebert gave the leadership of the company to Jürgen Siebert who was a member of the company for at least 10 years before. In 2004 Jan Müller joined the company as another managing partner.

Reflecting the extending requirements in logistics the company again moved to the modern facilities at the Kassel-Waldau Industrial Park in October 2006.

Over the years the company Siebert migrated from an important wholesale to a valued partner for the industry in its region. High qualified personnel guarantees a helpdesk for solutions. Siebert now is a consultant for nearly any aspect the customers might require, starting from the sale of high quality parts up to a full service including KANBAN and other kinds of system vendorship.

Parker Store However, Siebert never limits the business to the local region of Northern Hessen or Germany, but also exports high quality parts to many countries in Europe and overseas.

It is Siebert's understandig to be a partner and a part of the global market.

Shareholder of ASSI- TecLog AG, Berlin.
Member of VTH, Alliance of Technical Wholesalers
Member of Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler (E/D/E)
Certified Quality Managementsystem according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Register-No. 062881 QM15. Certificate can be found under Downloads.

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